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  1. The topic of health care in the 2008 U.S. presidential election is one that is high on the minds of Americans. However, while most people are well aware of the immense challenges facing our health system (rising costs of medical care, malpractice, high prescription drug costs, medical bankruptcies, employers dropping coverage, 47 million uninsured Americans, etc.), they have less understanding of the specific solutions proposed by Senators Obama and McCain.

    We invite you to write a post about the topic of health care in ’08. There are clear policy differences between the Obama and McCain plans, who come from two differing philosophies on health care reform.

    “HealthDecision ’08: Obama and McCain on Health Care” is an initiative by ( to help potential voters understand each candidate’s position. It is an objective comparison of the two platforms, and provides analysis as to the strengths and weaknesses of each. Most importantly, HealthDecision ’08 provides an interactive voting tool that allows users to “vote” for a preferred plan. HealthDecision can be accessed at

    HealthDecision ’08 will provide you with much of the primary research with which to form a post. In addition, we provide you with links to third-party election coverage from, NPR, The New England Journal of Medicine, NY Times, National Journal, U.S. News, WebMD and many other sites, that may serve as supplemental information sources.

    I hope you’ll join us in our effort to raise voter understanding on this very important issue. We hope that you will use our information, and also link your readers to our site in order to have their voices heard.

    Lastly, if you’re interested in posting real-time results of the HealthDecision ’08 poll, please reply to this email for instructions on embedded our widget onto your blog.

    Thank you.


    Obama wants to
    create a National Security Force
    with the size and budget of our entire military to
    control American citizens

    Obama wants to eliminate our nuclear arsonal,
    and render us defenseless against foreign tyrants.

    Obama wants to eliminate private gun ownership,
    and do away with the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution

    Are foreign donations powering the Obama campaign?

    Obama’s appeal in the Muslim world

    Pro-Obama, Muslim-led voter registration in mosques

    Palestinians phone bank for Obama

    We are loosing our right to Free Speech, the 1st Amendment
    to the Constitution, when the media is in the tank for Obama

    Obama wants to change our National Anthem

    Obama chose to align himself with anti-American racist, Jeremiah Wright
    for TWENTY YEARS … along with anti-American Ferrahkan, and Ayers.

    ACORN VOTER FRAUD, Obama cheats to get elected

    Obama Youth organize …


  3. Great job, keep up the good work.

  4. Love your site…I have been looking for people just like you……! Please glance at my cobbled together blog on idea for election: CRITICAL ELECTION! Can you “see” the leverage of it….over 200 hours left in election. Can you email five people you trust, who can see beyond the obvious, and truly evaluate this idea?

    Thank you for being a tremendous Conservative! Sometimes I feel so alone with my coworkers who say politics and who the president is doesn’t really matter. Arrrggghh!!


    Matt Ullmann

  5. You know whats contributing to the high costs of health care? LAWYERS!!!!! If you watch T.V. an hour a day you are sure to find a comercial for an ambulence chaser going after the drug companies, doctors, and equipment manufacturers. So the only way for the companies to stay afloat is to raise prices.

  6. Good morning. I saw your blog listed in urbanconservative. I just started my blog recently, the New Republican ( and was just added to the urbanconservative list. Would you consider linking and commenting on my blog from time to time? Thanks so much.

  7. Hi ~

    My new web page is highlighted by a book Dennis Prager inspired by his July 3rd column of two years ago.

    FLAKJACKETBOOKS.COM ships books to our soldiers overseas and stateside FREE OF CHARGE.

    It is financed through the sales of these 10 books to the general public.

    I would be grateful if you could link my site at yours – after checking it out, of course.

    Sincerely yours,

    Debary, Florida

  8. Hello, I’m the cartoonist creator of the superhero Pigman, who fights jihad wearing pigskin leather to exploit the enemy’s pigotry. Just want to give you the heads up that such a character exists in this PC world and to invite you to take a look at my blog for more on the character and his place in my graphic novel, The Infidel. I’m also a contributor to Andrew Breitbart’s Big Hollywood.
    Full disclosure, I come from an Albanian/Muslim background, which only added to my determination to tell the truth about the enemy and his religion through my art. Thank you and keep fighting the good fight.


    Bosch Fawstin

  9. In celebration of the 4th of July, I offer this essay in defense of our greatest founding father, Thomas Jefferson. I feel Mr. Jefferson’s reputation has been unfairly eviscerated by a misrepresentation of the DNA results in the Hemings controversy. The exhumation of discredited, prurient embellishments has not only deluded readers, but impoverished a fair debate. In fact, with the possible exception of the Kennedy assassination, I am unaware of any major historical controversy riddled with so much misinformation and outright inaccuracies as the sex-oriented Sally Hemings libel.
    The “Sally” story is pure fiction, possibly politics, but certainly not historical fact or science. It reflects a recycled inaccuracy that has metastasized from book to book, over two hundred years. In contrast to the blizzard of recent books spinning the controversy as a mini-series version of history, I found that layer upon layer of direct and circumstantial evidence points to a mosaic distinctly away from Jefferson. My research, evaluation, and personal interviews led me to one inevitable conclusion: the revisionist grip of historians have the wrong Jefferson–the DNA, as well as other historical evidence, matches perfectly to his younger brother, Randolph and his teen-age sons, as the true candidates for a sexual relationship with Sally.
    A monopoly of books (all paternity believers) written since the DNA results have gone far beyond the evidence and transmuted conjecture into apparent fact, and in most instances, engaged in a careless misreading of the record. My new book, IN DEFENSE OF THOMAS JEFFERSON (Thomas Dunne Books, 2009), definitively destroys this myth, separating revisionist ideology from accuracy. It is historical hygiene by pen, an attempt to marshal facts, rationally dissect the evidence and prove beyond reasonable doubt that Jefferson is completely innocent of this sordid charge:
    • the virulent rumor was first started by the scandal-mongering journalist James Callender, who burned for political revenge against Jefferson. Callender was described as “an alcoholic thug with a foul mind, obsessed with race and sex,” who intended to defame the public career of Jefferson.
    • the one eyewitness to this sexual allegation was Edmund Bacon, Jefferson’s overseer at Monticello, who saw another man (not Jefferson) leaving Sally’s room ‘many a morning.’ Bacon wrote: “…I have seen him come out of her mother’s room many a morning when I went up to Monticello very early.”
    • Jefferson’s deteriorating health would have prevented any such sexual relationship. He was 64 at the time of the alleged affair and suffered debilitating migraine headaches which incapacitated him for weeks, as well as severe intestinal infections and rheumatoid arthritis. He complained to John Adams: “My health is entirely broken down within the last eight months.”
    • Jefferson owned three different slaves named Sally, adding to the historical confusion. Yet, he never freed his supposed lover and companion of 37 years, ‘Sally Hemings’ from her enslavement, nor mentioned her in his will.
    • Randolph Jefferson, his younger brother, would have the identical Jefferson Y chromosome as his older brother, Thomas, that matched the DNA. Randolph had a reputation for socializing with Jefferson’s slaves and was expected at Monticello approximately nine months before the birth of Eston Hemings, Sally’s son who was the DNA match for a “male Jefferson.”
    • The DNA match was to a male son of Sally’s. Randolph had six male sons. Thomas Jefferson had all female children with his beloved wife, Martha, except for a male who died in infancy.
    • Until 1976, the oral history of Eston’s family held that they descended from a Jefferson “uncle.” Randolph was known at Monticello as “Uncle Randolph.”
    • Unlike his brother, by taste and training Jefferson was raised as the perfect Virginia gentleman, a man of refinement and intellect. The personality of the man who figures in the Hemings soap opera cannot be attributed to the known nature of Jefferson, and would be preposterously out of character for him.

    William G. Hyland Jr.
    Attorney at Law
    Tampa, FL.

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